From US-centered World Order to Multipolarity

Since around 1997, I have been reading information about international politics and economics, mainly in English, from the world's mainstream media, alternative media, and blogs, analyzing how the world is moving, and writing every week in Japanese. My estimated readership is 200,000 people.

Over the past 25 years, mainstream media information in the western countries has become increasingly distorted and unreliable, and it has become increasingly necessary to gain insight into the direction and intent of distortions, and read them deeply. This is the uniqueness of my analysis.

The most important global trend over the past 25 years has been the self-defeating decline of US hegemony, and non-US countries such as Russia and China building a multipolar world system that does not depend on the US, both politically and economically.

The center of the world is shifting from the United States to non-American countries. The non-American side refers to the Global South or the world majority.

For the past 25 years, the United States has repeated the neoconservative movement of poorly pursuing radical measures that were predicted to fail, only to fail as predicted, and to self-destruct the hegemony. Repeating the same mistake is likely intentional.

By viewing Russia and China as enemies and to engage in stupid wars, the US has diminished international credibility, strengthened the unity between Russia and China, BRICS, and the global south.

The US deliberately ignored Russia and China strengthening their ties and forming the Shanghai Organization and BRICS, which made the non-American side stronger.US has induced the center of the world to shift from US to non-American sides. It can be said that the United States has secretly been trying to make the world multipolar.

In the economic field, the United States initiated the Asian Currency Crisis in 1997 in order to prevent the financial expansion of emerging market countries and protect American hegemony.

As a result, a huge amount of money was returned to the United States, but at the same time the US financial bubble swelled significantly, causing the bubble to burst, causing the Lehman shock in 2008.

The Lehman shock irreversibly destroyed the bond financial system, which was the driving force behind the strength of the dollar and the hegemony of the United States.

U.S. financial authorities have since rapidly expanded the quantitative easing policy of printing the dollar to buy bonds, and pretended as if the bond finance system was revived. In fact, the financial system in the United States has already stopped functioning.

After the outbreak of the confrict in Ukraine, the world economy has been decisively split between the US and the non-US side, and the non-US side has suspended its use of the dollar and US financial systems, selling US bonds and buying gold bullion. This situation will continue and will destroy the U.S. hegemony.

Why is the US self-defeating its hegemony? This is because the hegemonic system that the US originally preferred in 1945 was a multipolar type, and the US invited the Soviet Union and China to create a multipolar system with five permanent members of the UN Security Council.

But after that, the UK, which was supposed to have transferred hegemony to the US after two world wars, On the contrary, it took control of the United States, sparked a Cold War, and destroyed the multipolar system. The US upper echelons are also controlled by the British puppet military-industrial complex.

The post-war American-British hegemonic system that Britain established over the US is essentially the same as the prewar colonial system, with developing countries, which make up the majority of humanity, continuing to be exploited by the US, UK, and Europe. The global economy remains distorted and development is hampered.

The "multipolar faction" of the upper echelons of the U.S. who tried to make the post-war world multi-polarity was centered on the Rockefeller conglomerate, which created the United Nations headquarters by donating land in New York to the United Nations.

They didn't like the British-style unipolar system that maintains the distortions of the world economy, and continued to try to revert the world to a multi-polear system.

Fighting with others is easy, but hard to get along with others. Even if multipolarists take power and try to settle the US with the Soviet Union and China, they will be disturbed by the military-industrial British complex and return to a hostile strategy of Cold War thinking.

So, the multipolarists took the opposite direction. They took extreme hostile strategies and stupid wars like Vietman, Iraq, deliberately made a big mistake and radically failed. They self-destructed American hegemony and strengthened the enemy camp. They made the enemy camp create a multi-polar world.

The most successful of this plan was the neoconservatives who swept the upper echelons of the US after the 911 terrorist attack, and they are from Rockefeller.

What will happen in the future? The war in Ukraine sharply divided the world economy into US and non-American sides.

Many oil and gas fields are in non-American countries, but most of their oil and gas profits were traditionally taken in Europe and the United States. In the last decade, that has changed, and non-US countries have regained their interests.Measures to combat global warming have also accelerated this relocation.

Due to the division of the world after the outbreak of the Ukraine conflict, it has become clear that most of the world's energy interests belong to non-American countries, and the US side has only a small amount.

The non-American side has not only energy but also a future consumer market. 80% of humanity is in non-American countries. They will escape poverty, become middle class and increase their consumption.

China, one of the leaders on the non-American side, also has manufacturing technology. Non-US countries will be able to make payments without using dollars, and will be able to develop while being disconnected from the US side.

All that remains on the US side is a giant financial bubble that will eventually burst. It looks like it will collapse in 2-5 years. The center of the world economy will shift from the US side to non-US sides.

The leading role in moving international politics is also shifting from the United States to non-American countries. The Gaza War is symbolic in that the role of resolving the Palestinian issue shifted from the United States to the BRICS, including Russia, the Arabs, and Iran.

Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya, which was destroyed by the US, has begun to be rebuilt by Russia and other non-US countries. BRICS will rebuild Africa, which was dominated by the US and Europe and forced into poverty.

Humanity will be happy when the center of the world shifts from the United States to the non-American side.